Phyt'ether - Sensitive Skin (Fire)
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Phyt'ether - Sensitive Skin (Fire)

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Serum for red, sensitive skin, excessive perspiration and couperose. Balances the energy of red blood circulation.

Directions: Apply a small amount to face or body, gently massage. Use on Fire points, reflex zones and/or on the 1st Chakra.

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Customer Reviews

Erin G
Winnipeg , MB
Super natural veg based oil formula my skin loves.

Jodie Layne
Winnipeg, MB
The herbal oils in this make it smell amazing and make it incredibly soothing when my skin is acting up. It's a must-have for our cold winters and chapped cheeks!

Winnipeg, MB
My skin is very reactive! I can turn red very easy in heat or cold. But since I've started using Phytether Red I've notice huge difference! My skin is more calm and redness is almost never a problem.