Clarisonic Smart Profile
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Clarisonic Smart Profile

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Price: $230.00

SMARTER: SMART technology enables the Smart Profile device to read the two new smart enabled brush heads and to automatically adjust between gentle and deep cleansing for an optimal head-to-toe experience.

EASIER: Brush Head replacement indicator illuminates to prompt you when it is time to replace the brush head.* Speed auto-adjusts

MORE POWERFUL: Amplified tub speed removes makeup 11x BETTER than hands alon deivering sperior cleansing results.


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Customer Reviews

Winnipeg, MB
I love this clarisonic so much! it's amazing for both the face and body, but the body care brush is my favourite. I use it to tone the skin on my thighs and bum area, so stimulating and relaxing. Very good Value!

Jodie Layne
Winnipeg, MB
I love my Clarisonic! It's important to follow usage instructions and guidelines so that you don't irritate or dry out your skin, but it's made the hugest difference in my complexion. I spend a lot of money on facial care and using sonic technology to get them as far into my pores as possible makes me feel like I'm making the most out of my product! My cystic acne breakouts are always lessened in severity now, my skin is more radiant, and I definitely think it's due to the Clarisonic!

Marijel castro
Winnipeg, MB
This is what I use for my nightly routine..... and man has my skin made a difference. Better than using a cloth!

Winnipeg, MB
I was sad when my Mia2 stopped working after 3 years but I hesitantly upgraded to the Smart Profile device. WOW! What an improvement, its feels higher quality and the clean is superior. Now I am very glad my old device wore out. Upgrade ladies, you wont be dissapointed!